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DeepBlue Core

The DeepBlue Core, is the central part of the Bluetooth® sensor system, it provides a complete software solution for your network of DeepBlue sensors providing live journey times and O/D matrices.

DeepBlue Core, with its powerful patent-pending, algorithms and long term data storage, satisfies the software requirements for your day-to-day journey time installation. You can save months of works, cut cost and still get more detailed origin/destination information; the dynamic matrix offers intervals as short as 15 minute between all sensors in your installation for every day of the year, and allows you to easily compare the matrices from day to day, or between two days of similar characteristics.

The live and historic data can be displayed on the trafficnow® Geographical User Interface or be incorporated into the City’s Front End, or even downloaded for transport planning purposes.
  • Travel time
  • Online web based applications
  • Traffic Engineering purposes
  • Unique powerful, field proven algorithms
  • Cost-effective solution for traffic management
  • Limited maintenance
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Can be installed either at the Traffic
  • Control Center or on the VCC Platform
  • Server Host Application Software for DeepBlue sensor networks
  • A series of unique algorithms for calculating journey times and O/D matrices in real time both in urban and inter-urban environments
  • Stores historic journey time data for traffic studies
  • Works for the smallest intersection installation as well as full scale metropolitan areas
  • Is included, maintained and upgraded with the Virtual Control Center
  • Fast, reliable and secure data transmission
  • Setup either at the local traffic control center or at the Virtual Control Center
  • Offers turn-key solution for your Bluetooth® sensor network
  • Easily integrated with the local traffic management system of choice
  • The Journey Times are displayed at customer request; either on the internet or locally at the traffic control center in question
  • All the Live & Historic journey time data are easily downloaded for traffic studies

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